You are frustrated, tired, and have no idea how to help your anxious child.

  • You feel like anxiety rules your whole house

  • You are constantly worried about your child and how they are coping at school

  • You struggle to know how to respond when there is worry about regular things — especially if the fear is getting in the way of a busy daily routine, maybe a fun family outing or sleep.

  • You child is terrified to do something that you know won't hurt them, that they might actually enjoy. You try to reassure them.

  • You want your kid to be resilient & happy

  • You are trying everything and NOTHING is working

  • You have no idea what else to do

Here is a peek at what is inside the course:

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    • Welcome and Let's Get Started!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Module 1: Anxiety 101

    • Module 1: Lesson 1 "What is anxiety?"

    • Module 1: Lesson 2 "The Brain and the Body"

    • Module 1: Lesson 3 "Anxiety Exposed"

  • 3

    Module 2: Get to Know the CEO

    • Module 2: Lesson 1 "When, How, and Why does Anxiety show up?

    • Module 2: Lesson 2 "When and How does Anxiety become a problem?”

  • 4

    Module 3: "Fire the CEO"

    • Module 3: Lesson 2 “Making Friends with Physical Sensations”

    • Module 3: Lesson 3 “Making Friends with Thoughts”

    • Module 3: Lesson 4 “Making Friends with Emotions”

    • Module 3: Lesson 1 “Examine Your Relationship with Anxiety”

  • 5

    Module 4: Lesson 1 "The Game Plan"

    • Module 4: Lesson 1 “Learning to Normalize Anxiety”

    • Module 4: Lesson 2 “Goals, Skills and Steps”

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    Congratulations! You did it! Summary Activity


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I will share research-based information, strategies and tools that been successful with hundreds of clients.

This will change your life, and your child’s life.

This stuff really works...

"This course saved my sanity. I had no idea how anxiety worked so I couldn't help my daughter. Going through this course helped me so much because I now understand the anxiety patterns and I learned helpful things to say that would prompt her to problem-solve, and how to help her face the anxiety." - parent of 13 year old

By the end of the course, you will have

All the pieces to create positive change for you child:


    Learn where anxiety & worry come from and understand how it operates so you can make sense of what is happening for your child.


    Explore the compelling ways uncertainty holds onto your child and discover powerful strategies that will help you feel calm as you step into those moments with your child, ready to help them move through the discomfort.


    Learn the tell-tale sign of anxiety & worry and help your child learn how to leave the past or the future to access the present moment and bring a sense of calm into their world.


    Discover specific tactics to encourage your child to lean into the situation and take a step towards it with courage and problem-solving skills that will develop their resilience.


    Use the supportive exercises, worksheets, and tools from this course to move towards the ultimate goal of supporting your child to learn to master anxiety with boldness and tenacity.

This is the lifeline that will change your life!

Get unstuck. Create calm. Uncover the confidence within you. Create positive change in your life.